Shaking My Way to Success

I have a secret. As part of my new, healthier lifestyle, I shake. Or, should I say, “vibrate” every day. Thanks to science and modern technology, I can step onto my vibration platform and in only 10 minutes, get the benefit of 60 minutes of conventional exercise.

No, I’m not taking the easy way out. Conventional exercise is part of my agenda. But, the unique benefits of this machine make it a “must have” for me. From all that I’ve read, there are some pretty, shocking and compelling benefits of vibration training.

The list includes:

  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Loose Weight
  • Increases Endurance
  • Improves Circulation
  • Wait for it…..”Combats Cellulite”
  • Increases Bone Mass
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Improves Coordination
  • Improves Overall Fitness

Even if I only saw a small faction of the benefits promised, to me, it was worth it. As a woman in my 30’s I’d love to see a little less cellulite when I look in the mirror. Trust me, your never more aware of your cellulite than when every inch of it is shaking on this machine. But, that has fallen to the bottom of my wish list.

What sold me is that this machine can virtually help me gain access (and therefore improve) muscles that I don’t have access to. My cerebral palsy limits my range of motion but on the whole body vibration machine, every single muscle in my legs are contracting and releasing at a rapid pace. The high frequency of the vibration stimulates the blood flow through my whole body, increasing my poor circulation. While the low impact leaves me feeling good and not sore during and after each session.

Like SDR, this is something that I never knew existed, but has the potential to make a great difference in my life. Of course, after telling my sister about the machine, she informed me that some of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have this machine. If only I watched the housewives, I would have known sooner! Who knew?

I felt validated in my decision to buy this machine after seeing Dr. Park’s testimony on the benefits of the machine for people with CP. I discussed this with him further during our consultation and he was very enthusiastic about vibration training. He explained that he and his wife both use a whole body vibration plate daily. He went on to say that everyone can benefit from the machine, not just those with CP.

I have been making so many lifestyle changes in preparation for my SDR surgery that it is hard to say how much benefit I have seen from my vibration plate. What I have noticed as a definite result of this machine is my improved circulation. I no longer have cold feet, which I have had forever. I also believe in the benefit to my muscles as I do feel loose in the same way I do after other low-impact work outs.

(Please note: There are many different models of this machine. The links and photos are directed to the machine I own. Also, I can only speak to my life and personal experiences. I’m no expert on vibration training. Please seek out your own information and consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes such as this. If you do decide to purchase the machine through the links above, I will receive an affiliate commission. Thank you!)