SDR Strong

In my life I have been labeled “CP Strong” since I was born with cerebral palsy. I have  been called “Sandy Strong” since my family and I were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Most recently, have been “NICU Strong” since my twins were born premature and had a lengthy NICU stay.

Each of these experiences is part of the landscape of my life thus far and has had an enormous impact on me. But, I can’t whole heartedly embrace those labels. The thing is, those things happened to me. Had I been given a choice, there is no way I would have welcomed any of these experiences. I would have been paralyzed by fear had I known they were coming and wished them away as soon as they arrived.

Like my CP, the hurricane and the birth of my children, SDR will surely serve as another plot point in my life. The difference is, I welcome this life altering change. I’m open to the struggle, the work, the frustration, the pain…all of it.

I know the strength and determination that is required for this surgery. I understand that SDR is not just an operation. It is a commitment to myself, my health and my body to push myself to live up to my potential.

This will be my new way of life. This is my mantra. I am SDR Strong.